Educational Scientific Institute of Postgraduate Studies, Pediatrics Department

Address: Klynychna 1a, Ternopil, 46003

Pediatrics Department

Tel: (0352) 52-67-47

E-mail: kaf_pedia@tdmu.edu.ua


The Teaching Staff of Educational Scientific Institute of Postgraduate Studies, Pediatrics Department

Department of Pediatrics at the Faculty of Post-graduate Education was established in August 1979. The clinical base of the Department has been Ternopil City Hospital for Children since the earliest days of its existence. Since December 2001 the Department has been managed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Natalia Banadyha who is the author of many scientific papers and the active participant in the work of two Academic Board of Doctor’s and Candidate’s theses.

Today the teaching staff of the Department consists of 1 professor, 2 associate professors and two assistant professors (PhD).

The sphere of scientific interests of the Department staff concerns the problems of common somatic and atopic disease in children, which significantly impair quality of patient’s life.

The department offers training for such specialties: medical interns of the specialty "Pediatrics", medical professionals who improve their qualification in specialty "Pediatrics" - thematic improvement courses and pre-attestation courses, and related disciplines. Medical interns "General practice and family medicine", "Internal deseases", "Surgery", "Anesthesiology", "Dermatovenerology", "Obstetrics Gynecology", "Orthopaedic and traumatology".